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5th Foiling Awards Ceremony

People and events

May 6th, 2022

Last Thursday, I had the great honor to represent McConaghy Boats at the 5th Foiling Awards Ceremony and to receive the award for production boat on their behalf.
I am used to deliver business speeches, however having to talk, on behalf of the world leading boats and race yachts builder, on a theater stage (the last time I was on a stage was for my ballet recital when I was 10), in front of the most relevant and influential audience in the foiling business (I am new in this industry), turned out to be an increasing set of emotions that I could not hide…I got carried away and did not deliver the speech as I wished.

The Vortex Pod Racer is the perfect culmination of McConaghy’s composite expertise, high-performance design and build ability, and foiling know-how. With the pod racer, they set out with the distinct mission to bring foiling to the mass market place and make the sporting activity accessible to those with no prior experience – bridging the gap between the extreme sports sector, marine leisure and water sports industry, and sailing.

We are all are extremely excited to see the pod racers in action around the world, building a community of pod pilots who can race in person or via virtual connection, and share in the incredible world of foiling.

I want to thank Luca Rizzotti for introducing and welcoming me to his #foilingweek which Is not just a charming box of great foiling events, but mostly an amazing community, a network and a source of countless opportunities.

Congratulations to all the 5th Foiling Awards winners:
FEMALE SAILOR: Josie Gliddon
MALE SAILOR: Tom Slingsby
TEAM: Alinghi
EVENT: America’s Cup
PROJECT: FlyingNikka
ONE OFF BOAT: Trimaran SVR Lazartigue
AMATEUR PROJECT: Minimoth Finn Morris
INNOVATION: Level Hydrofoils

Special thanks to Mark Evans and Angie Zhang, for choosing me as the trusted keeper of their #FoilingProductionAward.
I ll keep it safe until we can meet again.

I can’t wait to see you all at the Foiling Week in the summer.

Marcella Motta