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I can’t be good at something if I am not ready to suck at it first

On the ground

Hi! I’m Marcella Motta. I am an Italian native and an enthusiastic citizen of the world.

From an early age, I was exposed to deep travel experiences: my childhood vacations with my adventurous parents were always to offbeat destinations. That clearly enhanced my endless curiosity towards diversity and the authentic beauty of the world.

As far as I remember, I always knew I was not meant to live in one place; as a young adult, at 23 years old, I moved to Northern California, to one of the most uplifting places towards diversities. I still remember the thrill on the plane: alone, living everything and everybody I knew behind. I was flying into a completely unknown new life. I didn’t know anyone when I first arrived. I did not have a place to stay yet and very little money: I had a Fulbright Scholarship, my admission packet at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and an amazing feeling of power to be open to all the possibilities the world had to offer me.

Right there, at Berkeley, the ‘cuckoo capital of the world’, my life journey began.

Since then, I had lived in six countries, in three different continents, and traveled to over 70 countries and territories.

It is not really about travelling and having fun: to me, it is about shaking my surrounding, breaking barriers, opening myself up to new experiences, to different people and ways of thinking. It’s about shifting my perspective, having new role models, getting used to new habits, traditions and languages. It is about learning and growing through diversities.

It is challenging and scary, but at the same time so rewarding at many levels.

I feel so privileged that now I embrace many corners of the world as my home. I have lifelong friends who welcome me, and my kids, as family every time I go back, whom I shared and keep on sharing precious times of my life with. I’ve been nourished by many different cultures which effect everything I am and do, and still keep presenting me countless unexpected keys to open doors of opportunities.

This brings so much into my life; it keeps inspiring me for more incredible values. It makes me feel fulfilled and alive.

That is what the name ‘Sea Change’ is all about: the thrill I live for.

Sea Change S.r.l. is my new experience, in which my professional and personal life is all mixed up.


I have never been a sailor myself, however I have always enjoyed been around and on sailing boats.


My birth town is Brescia, which is the province of two lakes: the Garda, the sailing mecca and Iseo, crib of many iconic sailing personalities. On top of that, I have lived many years in San Francisco, Puerto Rico and Spain: all places where sailing culture is very strong. Sailing gateways have been a common habit to spend time with my friends after work. Every time I would fall in love with sailing more and more: navigating towards unknown destinations and new harbors, waking up under a different sky, wandering aimlessly, sometimes getting lost. Sailing fulfills my innate disposition of adventure and the unknown and it is the best way to clear my mind and to overcome my negative feelings and anxiety.

Only eight years ago, I discovered the racing sailing environment:  my sons, Jordi and Thomas, are passionate racing sailors and my husband, Aldo Rinaldi, is in racing for about 40 years, as a sailor and as a distributor.

Sailing promptly become the main theme in my family and travelling to take the kids training and racing around the world turned out being a new great way to create shared experiences as a family, keep on exploring new beautiful destinations and meet new friends and even a key that opened a business opportunity.

I wanted a place to share some tips and advice from my experience that maybe somebody can find interesting and useful.

This blog is about a bit of everything that my new journey will offer: my family lifestyle, lots of traveling, events, friends, learning and growth, struggles, triumphs, and the stories in between both in the water and on the ground.

I can’t be good at something if I am not ready to suck at it first’ is the attidude that encourages me to dare in life as to have this blog.  This quote inspired me many times, sometimes it worked, some others I kept sucking at it till I realized I was better off to change into something else.

Please any constructive suggestion on improving this blog is very welcome and precious to me.


Thank you,