Who we are

Two different ways
of experiencing
the sea and sailing.

For Marcella it is about living as a nomad and feeling at home in every new harbor. It is about living in the present without making plans and without clearly established destinations. Meet different people. It is a place where it is possible to experience other lives and other thoughts.

For Aldo the sea is a delimited space, a race course to be crossed as fast as possible, to get involved with competence, technical experience and perfect sailing settings. For both of them, the sea is a lifestyle, a limitless fount of experiences and observations, a dream of freedom, a passion, lifelong friendships to meet in every corner of the world and many moments to remember together.

Sea Change is the result: love and passion for the sea and sport, technical excellence together with a bold business vision oriented towards curiosity, progress and a continuous research for opportunities, new projects and moments to remember.

A major change is taking place involving sailors, federations, races organizers and designers from all over the world. Sailing is at the turning mark; Sea Change was established in 2021, in Italy, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, to lead the change and to propose a renewed sailing culture, free from convention and the status quo. Sea Change, as the image of the sea itself, is in constant motion to keep up with social, environmental, economic and technological developments. We constantly keep an eye on the market to guide sailors of the old, the new and the next through the change that is taking place, guaranteeing the best products and services.

Marcella and Aldo.

Marcella Motta, Founder and CEO, she is a wanderluster: with an unstoppable desire to explore every corner of the world, to get to know different places, people and lives and have unusual experiences. She feels life is fulfilled when it is curious, unordinary and in constant evolution. To her, life has be a continuous growth, a journey towards a better version of herself. She has lived and worked in different parts of the world: United States, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong.

After a master's degree at UC Berkeley Business School, in love with the Bay Area craziness and sense of freedom, she chooses to live in San Francisco, where she stayed for ten years and will remain her home forever. During this time, she worked initially as a consultant for Accenture and later as a Business Development Manager for several high-tech start-ups. The flexibility to changes and the open-mindedness she absorbed in San Francisco, at the epicenter of the new economy, had a big impact on her way of living and working.

She does not want to define herself or set too precise objectives because she feels that this mindset would limit her evolution. She prefers to explore paths no one has ever traveled before and put her new bold ideas into action even when it challenges convention. In 2021 she founded Sea Change: her philosophy along with her professional skill for a new adventure towards new opportunities, people, emotions and experiences.

Aldo Rinaldi, CTO, has been a passionate sailor since he was a child. He grew up sailing on racing courses with the best world professional sailors. He has been working for years in the area of racing sailing distribution and motor boats, thanks to which he has reached a complete technical expertise and an important network in the nautical world. With more than thirty years of experience sailing, he ensures excellence both in technical advices and in services quality.



To propose a renewed sailing culture, free from conventions and the status quo. Break the stereotypes that keep the sailing environment anchored in the past. Our mission is to provide technical skills, expert opinions and to offer the tools that encourage (inspire) and lead the new generations towards a reinvigorated and rejuvenated sailing for the growth and evolution of this sport.

We are constantly changing, in order to adapt our vision to the market, which, like the sea, is in perpetual motion. This allows us to guarantee our customers always better products and services.

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